Waterproof Case For Iphone 5 / 5s White



Waterproof Case For Iphone 5 / 5s White

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The absolute  survival pouch  for the iPhone 5S  is here! It is designed to be the only pocket you'll ever need, not to be afraid to ...
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The absolute  survival pouch  for the iPhone 5S  is here!


It is designed to be the only pocket you'll ever need, not to be afraid to have your mobile with you both in everyday life and in your getaway! It is ideal to get to the sea or even to watch a movie while relaxing in the bathroom. Prevents  n EPO and moisture, dust, mud, snow and falls!


The  Redpepper  is  fully waterproof  to a depth of 2 meters - 6.6 feet (certified  IP -68) and tested to  withstand drops  up to 2 meters - 6.6 feet and  vibration. Manufactured according to  military standards  MIL - STD  810 F -516  from quality materials like  polycarbonate frame, hard rubber, non-reflective glass and hard, airtight and watertight membranes.


The  Redpepper  offers protection with style! Your mobile does not lose any to look and feel as it is  the slimmest waterproof case.The  CrystalClear  non-reflective glass allows you to take high-quality photos. System  Sound Enhancement  improves the sound quality of the device. All microphones and speaker ports are waterproof and use technology  ClearVoice  for ultimate audio fidelity.The front  UltraFlat  protective membrane ensures complete functionality of the display. Finally, it includes specific  adaptor  for headphones, so you can use them in all weather conditions.


  •     Compatibility: Apple iPhone 5 / 5S
  •     Every product has been tested and offer protection against IP-68
  •     Water resistance: up to 2 meters deep
  •     Resistance to fall: from 2m high
  •     Full access to screen touchscreen device and support swipe functions thanks to membrane technology  UltraFlat
  •     Watertight and airtight acoustic membranes technology  ClearVoice
  •     Full access to all buttons, sensors, cameras and flash
  •     Optical lens for the camera with episklyrimeni coating technology and  CrystalClear
  •     Easy installation, easy disassembly and practically infinite number of resettlements of your device into the case without losing its waterproof properties
  •     Easy access to the charging port
  •     Quick access to the 3.5mm jack to enjoy stereo sound. Full compatibility with almost any headset manufacturer
  •     Packing:  Box

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