Pre-Purchase Games Policy

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Pre-Purchase Games Policy



Q: Why should I pre-purchase an item?


By pre-purchasing with All in one electronics, you will have first priority from our shipment. Barring any manufacturing mishaps/shortages/acts of god, you are essentially guaranteed the item you pre-purchased. Your pre-purchase will be shipped the day the item is released.



Q: Do you require prepayment for a pre-purchase item?


Yes, all pre-purchases are charged immediately. This will lock your order in and you will have top priority.



Q: What if the price drops?


Pre-purchase any product, and if the price drops before the release date, you will be charged the lower price.



Q: What if I order multiple items, both in stock and pre-purchase?


Orders containing both pre-purchases and in-stock merchandise will be broken into separate shipping groups. Each group will be shipped as soon as the merchandise becomes available. Handling charges will apply to each shipping group independently. If you want items to ship as soon as they come in, please consider separating your orders.



Q: What if I want to group pre-purchases based on the release date?


That is fine. However, please realize that all release dates are estimates. We cannot guarantee dates as it depends on the publisher. Again, all items will not ship until everything is in stock from your order.



Q: Are the availability dates accurate?


Unfortunately, these are just estimates given to us by the publisher. Many times, there may be delays with production or delays with customs. Please note there are many factors which may delay its release.



Q: What if I placed a combined order and one items release is delayed?


If an item is delayed beyond a month, please email us and we will try to accommodate you.



Q: What if you are short shipped and do not receive all of your product from the publisher?


Unfortunately, we have no control over how publishers distribute their inventory. Should this situation arise, we will email you immediately to remedy the situation.



Q: What if I want to cancel a pre-purchase from your site?


Unfortunately, we cannot cancel a pre-purchase. A pre-purchase locks you in and guarantees your shipment. Please do not order until you are 100% sure you want the item.



Q: How long will it take you to ship out my pre-purchase once it’s received in your warehouse?

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