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  • Gaming Keyboard A4TECH G800V

Gaming Keyboard A4TECH G800V

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A4TECH GAMING KEYBOARD G800VThe absolute Gaming keyboard for gamingKey FeatureSuper-Combo15Custom macros with 15 fully programmable keys Perf...
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The absolute Gaming keyboard for gaming

Key Feature
Custom macros with 15 fully programmable keys Perform stunts to win the games effortlessly.
Advanced 8-key- rollover to evade ghost key
This function it is not available for Keyboards with Layouts ABNT2”
Ideal for all online game and console game, such as CS, DOTA, World of warcraft, etc.
1 Click to shift 5 modes
No driver required to shift modes with dual-color indicator.
Disable Windows key during games
Avoid accidentally pressing the Windows key on keyboard and improve your gaming experience.
Response time up to 1 ms / 1000 Hz
8 Times faster than normal USB keyboard (8 ms/ 125 Hz)
96K on-board memory
No driver required to perform custom macros.
Spillproof structure
Completely sealed membrane and drain holes ensures excellent spillproof result.
One-touch hotkeys
Quick access to multifunction.
High durability silicone keycaps
Confortable keystroke feel and 20,000,000 cycle lifetime.
1 click to turn around 180 degrees.
1 click to buy all weapons.
1 click to perform game stunts.
1 click to change gun.
Wide wristpad to comfortable your hands.
Nice experience for your hands and operation.
Extra-fast response up to 1 ms / 1000 Hz Anti-Ghosting 8-key Rollover.
Custom macros with 15 fully programmable keys.

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